Booking vs. Flying:
Where Consumers Land

Airline Industry Report 
2014 - 2016

When’s the last time you didn’t book a flight online? Just like everything else in life, the Internet has become a great source for booking travel. Airlines have made the process simple on their websites, while online travel agencies (OTAs) allow travelers to compare flights across airlines in one search. How consumers are booking flights online has become one of the most difficult insights to find in the airline industry.

Instead of looking into who’s winning among the top 4 airlines in the United States, 1010data analyzed trends tied to consumer preferences.

Looking at data from 2014 – 2016 for Southwest, Delta, United and American, 1010data found that:

Bullet 4.png

December and March are the most popular months to fly

Most travelers book flights at the beginning of the year

27% of travelers book within two weeks before flying
    Southwest flyers make the most extra purchases of $20 or less, such as dining & entertainment